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you will choose an argumentative topic to research and learn about (mine is e-cigarettes).

Description Assignment: For this assignment, you will choose an argumentative topic to research and learn about (mine is e-cigarettes). You will then write your own essay with your own opinion using communal research and the ability to discuss your essay, opinion, and issues with your group members. Purpose: Argue about a topic. Audience: Anyone in the course. Voice: Mostly third person although first person is appropriate for personal opinion and point of view. Format: The essay should include an introductory paragraph (or two) that hooks your reader’s interest; a clear thesis statement that states what your topic and central idea are; at least three central points identified with topic sentences that identify the main point for each paragraph; support in the form of personal experience, examples, hypothetical situations, and outside research that includes summaries, paraphrases, and quotations properly cited in MLA format; and a conclusion that brings the essay to a satisfactory close. Requirements: • The essay should be 1300-1600 words (4-5 pages) in length, typed, double-spaced, in MLA format. • You must have three (3)-six (6) outside sources (other than your own examples or observations), taken from books, periodicals, scholarly journals, interviews, surveys, and other forms of field research. • One of these sources must be a scholarly/peer-reviewed article or from a scholarly book (a university press publisher, for example); this requirement is to encourage you to become aware of and make use of scholarly materials. • Make sure to document any quotes, paraphrases, summaries or other research by including in-text citation of your sources. • Create a Works Cited page, listing all sources used, at the end of the document according to MLA format. • The essay should also include a point of concession to the opposing point of view; it may also include a counterargument/refutation to the opposing point of view.


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