Now that the educators in the program have been trained in observation and assessment practices, the families will need to be informed as well.

In this assignment, you will be writing a letter/email communication to families describing observation and assessment and how the program will ensure ethical practices.


Write a letter/email communication that contains:

  • A welcome (1 paragraph) that
  • Includes an appropriate opening salutation.
  • Introduces the topic of observation and assessment being used in your program.
  • Why it is being used and how the family will be included.
  • Overview of observation and assessment practice in the program (1-2 paragraphs):
  • Why observation/assessment is needed (more in-depth than introduction)
  • Who will be observing/assessing?
  • What will be observed/assessed?
  • How their child/children will be observed/assessed?
  • Where will these observations/assessments take place?
  • When can they expect observations/assessment results?
  • Description of how observation and assessment practices in their program will be ethically sound (2 paragraphs) that explains:
  • How observation/assessment practices will be aligned to the NAEYC Code.
  • How observation and assessment practices are directly aligned to the PILES Domains Milestones and State Early Learning Standards.
  • Conclusion (1 paragraph) that
  • Summarizes the information in about 3-5 sentences.
  • Ends with an appropriate closing salutation and your name.
  • Meets the following general requirements:
  • Follows proper conventions of spelling, grammar, and writing.
  • Attach one article from a credible source to help families understand observation and assessment.
  • Provides APA in-text citations from credible sources in letter.
  • Provide references for articles and at least 1 additional credible source in APA format.

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