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WhippmanS Article and Argument

The following info is on Final Exam on Humanity on Whippmans Article and Argument. Describe why jurisprudence  is necessary to ensure minority rights.

Final Exam on Humanity: Whippman’s Article and Argument

FINAL EXAM HUMANITY. You have exactly two hours to complete the assignment. So, make sure you budget time appropriately and locate both a reliable place and Internet connection to ensure that you can successful complete the assignment. If you exceed the time limit, your submission will be voided, and an alternative exam will be given in its place.

We are to write at least 3 pages on this exam. Tips for being successful on the exam: You will be grade according to the attached rubric. Final Exam on Humanity: However, remember a few crucial demands of each area: Content—Do not stray from the question. Your answer should be your thesis statement, and you must support your claims throughout your writing.

Structure—Do not submit a solid piece of text without indentations, paragraphs breaks, etc. You must guide your readers with a traditional essay exam format. Style/Tone—Do not use a conversational tone or language. Use a formal style and the third person narrative. Editing—Be as clear and concise as possible. MLA—Cite your secondaries properly to ensure that plagiarism is never suspected. Final Exam on Humanity: Select ONE question from the list below, and answer it effectively with a specific thesis statement and ample evidence to support it.

The use of at least two secondary sources is require, and they must be cited correctly in-text. Thus, make sure you work quickly and accurately. Obviously, you should choose the question you are best prepare to anwer and have the most evidence to support your claims. Below is the one I have chosen. In reference to Whippman’s article and argument, why is jurisprudence necessary to ensure minority rights? What is the logic behind the idea?

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