What you learned about your attitudes toward diversity and related issues/trends

Changing Demographics and Diversity—A Personal Account

In the article “Beyond the Illusion of Diversity: How Early Childhood Teachers Can Promote Social Justice,” author Boutte asks you to consider new ways to think about challenges arising from issues related to changing demographics and diversity. She encourages you to imagine solutions “beyond what our current worldviews permit us to imagine” (Boutte, p.165).

A paraphrase of the issue/trend you chose and specific reasons for your choice

Ways in which information you learned helped you better understand issues related to changing demographics and/or diversity as they affect young children, their families, and the early childhood field

What you learned about your attitudes toward diversity and related issues/trends

Assumptions you held that were either affirmed or dispelled as well as implications which surprised, concerned, and/or inspired you

Any specific way(s) that challenges related to this issue might turn into an opportunity for professional growth

Ways in which Dr. Grace’s presentation and the understanding you gained might affect your work with young children and their families and/or your professional career choices

  • Article: Boutte, G. S. (2008). Beyond the illusion of diversity: How early childhood teachers can promote social justice. Social Studies, 99(4), 165–173. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

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