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What role does technology play in advancing European society

  1. What role does technology play in advancing European society from the “dark ages” into the Middle Ages? Use three specific examples of technological changes that brought innovation to Europe and demonstrate its substantive effects.
  2. How did the development of a secular (i.e., non-church or Cathedral school) university emerge, and what do you think the reason was for its creation? How did it tie into the new commercialism?
  3. Write one paragraph per term that includes the definition, significance and context of the following:1. Manorialism2. Pope Urban II3. Umar Khayyum and Rubaiyat4. Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine5. Albigensian Heresy6. Scholasticism7. Gothic architectur
  4. One of the major features of Greek culture is that it is extremely humanocentric. In contrast to other regions we’ve seen, religion is largely separate from the functioning of society, and has very little interaction with the government. In part this is due to the polis nature of Greek city-states, but it is also because of this human focus. How does philosophy and science take the place of religion in Greece in terms of prominence? From where does law derive? What kind of law do you expect to find in Greece? Finally, to what extent would you connect Greek politics with philosophy, rather than religion?

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