What is gastric cancer

1-introduction: what is gastric cancer-some numbers and figures about incidence and prevalence in UK and other countries-cause-risk factors-symptoms-stages- gen mutation or down regulation in gastric cancer- general idea about treatment.

2-current chemotherapy:
general talk about history of chemotherapy in gastric cancer -classification of chemotherapy into:A- adjuvent. B-neoadjuvent.C-chemotherapy in advance stages including first and second line(if you have any another classification please told me).
each chemotherapy you talk about general group and structure-mechanism of action with figures-clinical trial to prove efficacy and safety with tables and result-any gene expression cause sensitivity or resistant to specific drug and if drug target these genes.

3-target therapy:why need to improve chemotherapy and develop target therapy-the mechanism and signal pathway of new drug-how and why these drugs targets this-examples of target therapy with chemotherapy and comparing to chemotherapy alone…………….

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