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What criteria do geologists use to designate a supervolcano?

Which direction is the Pacific plate currently moving?

Maps are plan or bird’s eye views of the earth’s surface. Here, the top of the figure is north, and the bottom of the figure is south. The left side of the figure is west, and the right side is east.

Select one:

a. North

b. Northwest

c. Southeast

d. Southwest

e. Northeast

f. South

Question 6

Prior to 45 million years ago, the Pacific plate was moving in a different direction. Remember, the number on the map above are volcano ages, in millions of years.

Using the same plot, answer this next question.

Prior to 45 million years ago, in which direction was the Pacific plate moving?

Select one:

a. Southwest

b. South

c. Northwest

d. Southeast

e. Northeast

f. North

Question 7

Prior to the 2018 eruption, Kilauea volcano was:

Hint: You can learn the answer by viewing the public lecture or searching the internet. Your text gives definitions of the terms below.

Select one:

a. An extinct volcano

b. A dormant volcano

c. An active volcano

Question 8

Last years eruptions emerged from fissures in the East Rift Zone (ERZ) on the big island of Hawaii. This zone is not located at the peak of Kilauea, but instead, near the base.

Choose the statement that most accurately describes the tectonic setting of the East Rift Zone (ERZ) on the big island of Hawaii.

Hint: To remind yourself the details of the tectonic setting, refer to your Hazard Explorations… Also, it is recommended that you consult a plate tectonic map of the earth (in your text!) to identify the plate tectonic setting at each of the following locations.

The figure of Hawaii below shows the shape of the East Rift Zone, which consists of fissures, and the locations of craters that formed along it.

Select one:

a. The ERZ is most similar to fissures in the Snake River plain of Idaho, which erupted basaltic lava.

b. The ERZ is most similar to the East African rift zone, where fissures surrounding Mt. Nyiragongo erupt basaltic lava.

c. The ERZ is most similar to mid oceanic rifts on Iceland, which erupt curtains of basaltic lava.

d. The ERZ is most similar to the Mid Atlantic Ridge which erupts basaltic lava from fissures.

e. The ERZ is most similar to fissures along the mid oceanic East Pacific Rise which erupt basaltic lava.

Question 9

The primary hazards to residents during the 2018 eruption of Kilauea were the following:

Hint: The answer is found by listening to the story in the Kilauea talk! 🙂

Select one:

a. Pyroclasts and airfall

b. Lava and volcanic gases

c. Volcanic bombs and lapilli

d. East Rift Zone lahars

Question 10

Kyle shows a diagram in his talk at 11 minutes and 43 seconds.

The diagram is best described as a(n):

Select one:

a. Oblique view

b. Profile or cross section view

c. Bird’s eye view

d. Map view

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