Urban Planner Biographical Essay

Assignment Overview In this assignment you are asked to prepare a biographical essay on an important figure in urban planning history. Conduct research to find sources of information on your selected individual. You must find a minimum of three sources of information (Wikipedia does NOT count), of which at least one source must be an academic source (i.e. journal article, book, etc.). All sources must be properly cited and referenced. Completing the Essay Craft an essay that provides the background information on the person you selected (who they were, what they did, and when, where and how they did it), their significance for urban planning history, and the contributions or lessons that can be learned from the individual and applied to contemporary urban planning. (You may NOT use Robert Moses as the subject for this biography, as he is covered in depth in class.) Your written essay should be roughly 2-3 single-spaced pages in length.  All essays should reflect your own individual work. Any direct quotes from sources utilized must be cited properly with page numbers using a consistent citation style throughout. Sources should also be listed in a reference section at the end of the essay. Your essay should be thoroughly proofread for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Essays containing excessive proofreading errors will not be accepted for credit

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