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Trait Profile

Unit I Assignment

This assignment provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate the following outcomes:

2. Examine the different types of leadership styles impacting health care.

2.1 Describe leadership and the role it plays within a healthcare organization.

2.2 Develop a trait profile using the trait theory of leadership that describes an ideal leader in healthcare management.

Instructions: The purpose of this assignment is to develop a trait profile in which you describe a person that you would consider to be an ideal healthcare organization manager based on information found in your required reading and in the unit lesson.

Be sure to insert all the details asked for in the template below, save all of your work to this template, and then submit it in Blackboard for grading.

Part 1: Describe the term leadership in your own words and the role it plays within healthcare management. Your response should consist of at least 100 words.

Part 2: To begin using this template, insert a photograph (real or fictitious), a name (real or fictitious), the gender, and the physical height of the leader. Also, in the table below, be sure to describe the following “ideal” traits in your own words:

· How “self-confidence” could help a healthcare manager make good decisions.

· How “integrity” could help a healthcare manager build trust among colleagues.

· How “sociability” could help a healthcare manager interact with other professionals, including subordinates, supervisors, and other leaders within the healthcare organization.

Ideal “Trait” Profile for Leader in Healthcare
Insert photo here Name:



In this cell, insert the ideal details about self-confidence, integrity, and sociability. Your response should consist of at least 400 words.

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