Topic: Shoestring Resourcing

Topic: Shoestring Resourcing

Luke 10:25-37 (KJV)

We have all heard this story. The Samaritan is the classic example of the good neighbor. Sunday school teachers are quick to applaud the actions of this outsider over the inactions of the priest and Levite. The recovery of the injured man on the road would have been impossible without first aid, transportation, housing, and the financial support of the Samaritan. But what of the innkeeper? Let there be no mistake. He was paid for his part, yet he showed great character by trusting the Samaritan to forge a partnership to care for the man. The conclusion of this story provides a rudimentary illustration of coalition building. The Samaritan lacked some basic tools and resources to heal the robbery victim. He was willing to do his part but needed additional resources which the innkeeper could provide.

In other courses you will learn about grant writing and finding outside resources to enhance sustainability. For most community health projects, however, the community leaders will depend heavily on the resources within their own community to launch an initiative. Sometimes we are successful securing donations and sometimes we are not.

For our final Discussion Board Forum you are going to take 1 of your refined objectives from Discussion Board Forum 2 in Module/Week 5 and identify resources within your own community to help implement a program to meet that objective. Developing the program is not part of this discussion. There will be no need for outside literature on this discussion either. This discussion will center on tapping into local resources and building local coalitions. In your thread answer the following questions:click here

What is the vision and mission of the proposed coalition?

Who within the community should be represented in the coalition to meet the objective you have identified?

Which potential partners (organizations and businesses) within your community are best situated to meet the need?

What potential resources—human, materials, and financial—are available within your community? (give at least 2)

Why do you want to bring these particular people together?

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