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This map making assignment asks you to You will create 3 Original Maps displaying Physical Geography data.

This map making assignment asks you to You will create 3 Original Maps displaying Physical Geography data. You will choose Physical Geography data from your choice of several free online map making programs. The maps you create must be original, that is you just didn’t search Google images for maps already created by other people. You will be creating maps of areas that you choose, using data you choose, and you will format it with a scale bar, north arrow, title, and paragraph caption that are all original.

How will you make an original map set?

There are 4 steps to this part of the assignment:


  • Your map needs to be original, meaning you created it using an online tool where you chose the data to be mapped, the area and zoom level. You should not use an existing (e.g., jpg, png, gif) image of a map that has already been created by someone else.
  • You need to do research to explain the patterns that you see. That is, you will need to discover the processes that create the map pattern. For example, if you see a line of volcanoes in the Pacific coast of Central America you will need to explain how the Cocos plate is subducting beneath the Caribbean plate in an oceanic-to-continental convergent plate boundary, how the sinking oceanic plate melts and rises, etc.
  • All the information that you use in the descriptive paragraphs needs to be properly cited. It is best if you have a separate reference section at the end of your map set. You also need to cite the source or sources of your maps.
  • Your maps need to have a scale bar, north arrow and descriptive title. A descriptive title is one that describes the area covered by the map and its content. “Regional map” is not a descriptive title, “Volcanoes on the Pacific coast of Central America” is.
  • You need to describe the hazard patterns, process and proposed solutions. Describe the pattern you see in each map (e.g., Most tornadoes occur in the South and lower Midwest). Describe the process that causes this pattern (e.g, Clashes of cold and warm air masses, moist conditions, formation of thunderstorms, flat,open land, etc.). Describe proposed solutions (e.g., Practice a tornado drill, keep safety supplies, heed warnings, go to the basement, etc.). Again, you will need to do research and cite your sources.
  • Make sure that each of your maps provides somewhat different information (different patterns and/or processes) so that you have something new to say for each of the different scales (zoom levels).

Here are some examples:

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