For your term paper, I would like you to peruse the websites for the Natinal Gallery of Art ( in Washington D.C OR the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) in New York City and write a paper that is 5 pages, double spaced, 12-pt font, and in Times New Roman.
This means five (5) pages of TEXT and an additional page dedicated to your citations.
You must find ONE piece of artwork from any time period that catches your attention. You may choose a painting, sculpture, architecture, photograph, print, or mixed media (really, any piece of artwork) at the NGA or the MET.
REQUIREMENTS: It is easier for the flow of this assignment to use headers where you see fit. I recommend splitting your paper into two sections: Formal Analysis and Context
Formal Analysis
Include the piece’s title, artist, medium, and date.
Please analyze your piece by discussing ALL of the following elements:
Consider the characteristics that you see and how it comes from a specific time period.
Give a detailed description of the piece: FOLLOW THE VISUAL ELEMENTS OF DESIGN
Describe the size and placement of objects/figures.
Describe the use of color, and explain how those colors create mood/tone.
Talk about the texture. Does it create mood? Or does it mimic reality? etc
Historical Context
Include the content of the artwork
Explain the type of subject matter and genres—is it about a biblical narrative, allegorical, history, still life, etc. What time period is it from?
Explain any symbols (people, objects, colors, placement can be symbolic).
What is the historical or cultural significance?
Does your piece convey a social, religious, or political message?
Define the purpose of objects/figures.
Talk about your opinions on the piece. Why did you pick this artwork and what does it mean to you? Why do you think this piece is important to society?


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