The IPAT Model

he IPAT model is a formula used to calculate the environmental impact on the environment caused by humans.  It is described as I = P x A x T.  The environmental impact is represented by the (I) in the equation.  There are three main factors that influence the impact, and those factors include the (PAT) portion of the equation, which stands for Population, Affluence, and Technology.  For this assignment, you will research a country of interest and use the country’s data to make an argument for which would have the highest Environmental Impact or (I), as part of the IPAT model.  

 • Research a country of interest and make a claim for its potential environmental impact. Use multiple pieces of supporting evidence in your claim considering Population, Affluence, and Technology advancements. You do not need to use actual calculations but should consider the data for your chosen country. • Use the data found to discuss the three factors that affect the country’s Environmental Impact (I), which are: Population of a Country (P), Affluence (A), and Technology (T). Include at least two (2) facts/evidence for each. • Discuss Population in terms of size, Affluence in terms of wealth or economy, and Technology as the country’s phase pf development or use and production of modern technologies. • Make a concluding argument for which of the three factors would have the highest Environmental Impact (I), as part of the IPAT model. Provide at least two (2) facts/pieces of evidence in your argument. Requirements: • Provide multiple pieces of supporting evidence in your claims, using at least two (2) scholarly resources. • Include all references and citations formatted correctly in APA. • Paper should be one to three pages in length, with additional Title and Reference pages. • Use complete sentences and appropriate grammar and spelling. 

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