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The increase in Autism 

The increase in Autism

Your proposal will look very much like a research article except that you are not actually conducting the research, just proposing it. The proposal should be written in APA style and format. Include all of the sections specified below. 1. Title page: The title should indicate the hypothesis to be tested. The hypothesis can be stated at the conceptual level or the research level, but it should give the reader an honest impression of what the study aims to investigate. The title should appear on its own page. 2. Abstract: The abstract is a distillation of the entire project. Best practices dictate that it should be written last, even though it appears first in the final manuscript. The abstract should include very brief statements concerning (1) the theoretical background or rationale, (2) the hypotheses to be tested, (3) sample characteristics, (4) methods used to conduct the study, (5) anticipated results, (6) implication of the results. The abstract should be approximately 250 words long and appear on its own page. 3. Introduction: The introduction should introduce the reader to the topic and provide all of the background necessary for the reader to understand the remainder of the paper. . It should begin with a general statement of the broad problem area (e.g., As the baby boomer generation approaches old age, increasing concerns arise about issues of productivity in the work place.), followed by a brief discussion of the current state of the literature (previous research) on the problem and the explicit rationale for conducting further research. After you have developed a background and rationale, state the specific problem and hypothesis (prediction) to be studied. The hypothesis, problem statement, or question should be stated in observable, measurable, terms. The introduction must include brief discussions of at least 5 original research articles that provide background for the proposed study. These papers must be empirical studies, with original research findings. The discussion of these papers must be accompanied by APA-formatted in-text citations. All cited papers should be referenced (see Reference, below). The introduction should be approximately 3 pages long.


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