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the differences between volcanic calderas and a volcanic craters.

Question 1

True or False?

Modern geologic knowledge is the product of curious individuals, who 1) questioned our knowledge of scientific fact, 2) investigated natural processes, and 3) honestly reported the facts.

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Question 2

So far we’ve focused on the differences between volcanic calderas and a volcanic craters… which both form at volcano peaks.

True or false?

Calderas and craters are similar because they are both landforms that show a collapse in the land surface above an area of volcanic activity.

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Question 3

What criteria do geologists use to designate a supervolcano?

Select one:

a. If it has a caldera

b. If it erupts more than a specific volume of material

c. If it is a shield volcano

d. If it formed over a hot spot

Question 4

What evidence do geologists study to understand the relative magnitude or frequency in time of past volcanic eruptions?

Hint: Please consider the data shown on our geologic map of past lahars around Mt Rainier. 🙂 These mapped lahars enable us to estimate the risk of building in a particular area.

Select one:

a. The relative extent of volcanic deposits

b. The relative age of volcanic deposits

c. The relative thickness of volcanic deposits

d. All of these

Question 5

Consider the age of the various Hawaiian Islands given below in millions of years. Remember, the formation of the Hawaiian Islands reflects: 1) the movement of the Pacific plate, and 2) stationary volcanic hotspot activity over time.

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