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the American Federation of Labor

1.Robert Smalls served several terms as governor of Alabama.

2.The Dred Scott case amendment of July1864 required that 20% of the voters of the South take an oath of future loyalty before the restoration process could begin.

3.Hiram Revels was chosen as Lincoln’s running mate in 1868 because he was one of the strongest abolitionists in the Republican Party.

4.The Black codes were established by the North Carolina legislature in March 1864 to provide freedman with shelter, food, and medical aid and help them establish schools and find employment.

5.The Fourteenth Amendment abolished slavery only in the states which were in rebellion against the United States·

6.President Andrew Johnson was impeached after he tried to discharge Secretary of War Stonewall Jackson.

7.Redeemer was a term applied to native Northern politicians during Reconstruction.

8.Ulysses S. Grant was the only president between Jackson and Wilson to serve two full and consecutive terms.

9.During Republican rule in the South, the first adequate system on public education was established on paper at least, state and local governments were democratized, and funds were appropriated for an enormous expansion of public services and welfare responsibilities.

10.Senator Charles Young was the first African American to be elected to a full term in the United States Senate.

  1. The Force Acts were created during the Buchanan administration to fight the Ku Klux Klan.

12.After the Compromise of 1877,Ulysses S. Grant

Became president and southern Republicans were

abandoned to their fate.

13.Between 1889 and 1899, an average of 42,000

blacks were lynched every year.

14.By 1900,there were fifty-two states in the union.

15.In 1905,about 25,000,000 buffalo lived on the Plains.

16.The Sand Creek Massacre took place on November 29,1869 in California.

17.Chief Red Cloud defeated Captain William J. Fetterman in 1866.

18.By1900, there were only 8,425,000 Indians in the United States.

19.The California Gold Rush of 1849 began the

mining boom.


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