Suppose that you are working for a large corporation that has been assigned the IP network address The company management wants to be able to accommodate a number of 16 departments and you are requested to design the network layout.

a. Describe the public key encryption data security technique. (4 Marks)
b. Describe the following standard interfaces used by data modems. (4 Marks)
i. V.24
ii. RS 449
c. Using the Open System Interconnection Reference Model, explain how data moves from a
computer to a hub, the bridge, another hub, router and finally the internet. (4 Marks)
d. You have been given the responsibility of recommending a suitable network to an organization
give basis for recommending X.25, frame Relay or ATM. (6 Marks)
e. Why is the ATM said to be the technology to implement ISDN. (2 Marks)






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