STUDY TITLE: Social stigma among individual with facial disfigurement as a consequence of disease, congenital malformation or accident

Part A: Finding evidence, evaluating evidence, making recommendations. 

  • From a situation that you have encountered in practice, develop a question for investigation. (Hint: refer, use and apply the PICO format)
  • ((( Explain the scenario that was selected- for example (the effective treatment or procedure for certain disease or patient)). You can say.. While I’m caring the patient who has….OR During my clinical practice… and explain the scenario, then(this is leads me to develop the following question>>> ask the question. JUST one question and then mention what type of research(( This qualitative- quantitative question because I’m seeking to….
    • Identify whether it is a qualitative question or a quantitative question that you asking.

Examples of focus of the questions: 

Is one form of treatment preferable to another? How effective is a particular treatment or strategy(This quantitative)?

What are the challenges which may arise for the person? How can patients and families adapt to the changes imposed by the illness or treatment regime (This qualitative)? 

This paragraph(150 words)


Develop a search strategy to answer your question. Identify search terms and sources, including parameters such as currency (i.e. a recent publication? Seminal?), context, type and reputation of publication. Report the findings of the search strategy. 

Search strategy are… using Boolean operator-search terms(key words)- Parameters such as currency(last 5years), context(where? For example in Australia or cardiac unit or anywhere).type and reputation of publication((peer-reviewed article)) and systematic review.

This paragraph(150 words)


  • Choose the best and Provide your own summary of the article. (Heading requirements vary for qualitative and quantitative studies). Consult your Hoffmann, Bennett & Del Mar text for the headings that need to be included in your summary. the article must be peer review and research study, (Structured abstract: is differ depend on the research type and question such asIn effective intervention question are: study design, setting, participants, intervention, outcomes, follow-up period, main results and conclusion.
  • Attach the article as a separate document.

This paragraph (400)


  • Evaluate the evidence using an appropriate tool. Use the appropriate CASP Tool (is depend on the question type, each study type has a specific CASP tool SEE the book of (Evidence-Based Practice Across the Health Professions chapter5, questions about the effects of interventions: example of appraisal from different health professions: It gives you a good idea in how you can do the part A) for the type of article that you choose. Ensure in your answer that you cover the following points: (When you answer these(CASP tool) give example in how this article has met these question. For example for the best intervention strategy where the study design was randomised controlled trial, it’s one of CASP tool is:Was the assignment of participants to groups randomized? This is perfect answer>>Yes. Participants were randomly allocated, using a four-block sequence.
  • Is it trustworthy? Can you believe it?

Is the sample size big enough, was done by ethical approval or without, was it randomized controlled ….etc? Example, In the review chosen the search methods, criteria for selection and objectives were clearly outlined, the results and conclusion notably related to the reviews goal, and all chosen and included randomized control trials were thoroughly evaluated and appraised before use. These factors assert trust in the review and enable it to be highly believable.

  • What impact does it have? Is it clinically important?
    • means( does the study was done in small hospital in for example in developing country or in a big hospital in USA or Canada…etc?It is more about the limitation of the study which usually provide in the article.
    • Can it be applied in this particular context?  In this part about 2-3 sentences.. Yes (or NO) this type of treatment or intervention can be applied in …my scenario… and why?

This paragraph(500 words).


Part B: Knowledge translation

  • Discuss how the evidence will be applied in the clinical context. How can this application be evaluated?(Hint: Chapters 15, 16 &17 will help with this section) 

Who will be include?? sometimes about How to involve health professionals, patients and their families and also this information you may find it mentioned in the chosen article in how to apply the result in health care sitting. How we can evaluate this intervention is working for example, patient feedback or improving in the patient’s condition …


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