To assess your ability to take a strategic plan and direction from upper management and then create a tactical plan for an area of a company. Overview Let’s begin our work on the Better Health Association case. Better Health has been a status quo operation without many changes over the years. Now the board is mandating that the organization makes significant changes that affect all stakeholders. “One million dollars in reserve is good, but not good enough,” Charles continued. “We need to do more with the money. I have met with the board and have their approval to grow the organization—to use some of these funds to improve things and give ourselves—and this community—a much stronger financial foundation with which to offer better services to more people.” The directors were all caught off guard. “With all due respect,” Tracy offered, “we were thinking that this reserve would be kept safe, earning interest in medium-to-low-risk investments.” “Some of it will, but that’s not good enough. We need to use a significant portion of this money to develop the agency. The board has approved this strategic plan.” Charles held up a folder. “I want each of you to take the next week to read it and draft a tactical plan for your respective areas that will align your people and resources with this strategic plan. Come up with ideas about how to build your area of the organization, grow the money allotted to you, and take our services to more people over the next year. I’d like to see drafts of these plans, and if possible I want you to share and give feedback to one another before sending me your finished plan.” No one said much as they left the meeting with Charles. Back in his office, Ben dropped into his chair and stared blankly at his computer screen. This is not what he had expected. Tracy considered the difficult work ahead. Not that she feared it—but she and the others had just finished five years of intense effort and she was hoping things would ease up. Like everyone else, Erin thought they had put the agency into a position of permanent relief. Now it appeared that they were back in the throes of consistent urgency. Lee wasn’t sure what to do. He knew how to plan, but he hadn’t been required to produce this much detail so far in advance at this organization. Amy already had some ideas, but knew she would have to draft them out in a way that the board would accept. After each of them had read through the strategic plan and spent some time pondering the bigger picture, each of the directors composed an outline for a tactical plan they felt confident in. Then they shared their ideas with one another and with Charles. Action Items Review the Better Health of Central Ohio Case Study, including the Organizational Overview and Financial Statement presented in Better Health Association. Based on the board’s review of available funds, the board has approved the following guidelines for department directors regarding allocations to each department. For this assignment, you need to perform the following tasks in the attached template document provided. Select a ROLE in the Better Heath Association (as agreed upon or assigned by professor). REVIEW the Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals. Conduct SWOT ANALYSIS for your department. Create SMART Goals for your department. Create a TACTICAL PLAN for your department. (See page 143 in the course textbook.) Download the PLAN template.docx to your computer. Follow the instructions [IN BRACKETS in RED ] to complete the template document. Note: Be creative and based on the organization’s mission, vision, and your department’s objectives plus readings this week, envision how you will begin to plan for your department’s growth e.g. what will your plans be to grow, for example, services or fundraising to meet organizational goals. Your plan should be a minimum of 3 pages in length, excluding any appendices and references you may wish to include. Use APA format in the body and the references of your work. Make sure the instructions in the template are removed from your final submission. Include a minimum of one reference and citation from your textbook or a scholarly article in your work. Note: Web sites are not scholarly articles.

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