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Stack Implementation

Stack Implementation

Frequently, while browsing the web, users utilize the back and forward browser buttons to go back to the previously visited pages, or to go forward to the already visited page.In order to be able to support such functionalities, the browser must be capable of putting already visited pages on the stack, thus enabling users to go backwards and forwards.

For the assignment, you are to create a Windows console application. To create a Windows console application, please follow the instructions below:

  • Run Visual Studio Community
  • From the file menu, select New/Project
  • Once a new dialog window opens, from the extension table, select C++
  • From the list of templates, select Windows console applications
  • Provide the application name, select the folder where your app will be saved, and click the OK button

Once your application is created, modify your code so that it displays a menu with the following items:

  • Go back
  • Go forward
  • List all pages
  • Add page
  • Delete page

To provide such functionalities, you will implement a stack that will have the following functions:

Pop, push, size, peek, is Empty

For each page placed on the stack the application will be capable of storing the following page data:

  • Page title
  • Page description
  • Page URL
  • Date Accessed


  • Create a Microsoft Word document name IP1_RobertWoodley.docx. 2. Take screenshots, with timestamps, of each menu item in use to show a successful compile and successful run. Paste the screenshots into the Word document. NOTE: Failure to provide screenshots with time stamps will result in a score of 1. 3. Copy your code into the Word document. For each line of the code provide a description explaining what it does

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