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INT 620 Module Eight Short Paper Guidelines and Rubric: Global Cash Management in Multinational Corporations
Overview: For this task, you will analyze the cash holdings and tax burden of your final project company. In addition, you will examine how the company handles repatriation. This task is designed to provide background information for Section 3, Part D: Repatriation of Funds in the final project, which you will include in your global expansion proposal in Module Nine.
Prompt: First, review Chapters 19 and 20, the other required resources, as well as your selected company’s annual financial statements. Specifically, review data on cash held by the parent subsidiaries (sometimes quarterly statements offer more information on this part).
Next, briefly describe the options data you found and address the following:

  • ·  Cash: Is your selected company holding too much cash? If so, why? Examine the cash account on balance.
  • ·  Foreign Subsidiaries: Does the company list specific accounts for its foreign subsidiaries? If yes, what accounts does the company list for them? If they

are not listed, how does the company account for them? (See the notes section on the balance.)

  • ·  Cash Repatriation: What specific procedures is the company describing in its annual financial statements for cash repatriation? Briefly describe.
  • ·  Tax Burden: What was the current year tax burden for your company in the United States?

Refer to your text, company annual statements, and other course materials to support your responses.

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