solution overview" "methodology" "cost analysis" "timeline"

First of all, this is an internal proposal, I will upload a file that has same instruction with this paper. So Please Please Please read that paper carefully, and follow the same format of that paper, that paper called “project 2.” Our topic is about Best Buy–“Not available” doesn’t cut it in today’s environment. The problem is about Best Buy shipment and unavailable online. The thing you need to write is 2 solutions for this problem. You will see it in the “project 2.” Everything you need to write for this topic Best Buy–“Not available” doesn’t cut it in today’s environment should write around in 2 areas, shipment and unavailable online. I mark in red in “project 2”. Solution need to contain “solution overview” “Methodology(how to fix the problem)” “Cost Analysis(include the chart with cost)” and “timeline(when will be done”. Make sure you don’t confused with this 2 paper. I want you the 2 solution for topic–Best Buy, their shipment and unavailable online was bad during 2014-2016. I need you to come out 2 solutions to fix the problem and make sure they have some sources to backup your idea. I really need you to be cleared about what I’m saying, and get this correctly done, because last writer get my idea wrong and I really have to report him about that. ANY QUESTION, plz contact me immediately.
Oh by the way, use 3-5 sources in each subject, by subject I mean “solution overview” “methodology” “cost analysis” “timeline”
Thank you very much
Please keep in touch in the website chat
So if you have any question can let me know, and I will also write something to you tonight, make sure you can see it

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