Social change through Protestant Christianity and women

Protestant church and protestant women arose strongly in the sixteenth century. Several factors led to the emergence of the group right from Europe across to America. Christianity was a religion defined majorly by the activities of the Roman Catholic Church. Strict doctrines of the church controlled the religion and after some time followers started parting and forming groups formally referred to as Protestants’ groups. Because of the groups, the social life was changed. Several reasons are related to the tremendous change in the society.

Social changes actors

The Reformation of the church in 1517 was the origin of transformation in among Christians and women in the society. Social liberty was limited back then and forms of slavery were affecting some racial groups, more especially the blacks. To resist the slavery and limited social liberty, protestant Christianity shifted the social values to freedom and protection of human rights (Smith, 10). Warfare and technology also led to social change whereby the role of women changed eventually. The American Civil War, for instance, left many homes with no father figures. Women were forced to take up traditional male roles and as a result, the society’s view on women changed. The underestimation of women in the society seized and they would participate in politics as well as perform as homemakers. Technology and social migration gave room for transformation influenced by protestant Christianity as well as women (Smith, 240).

The social changes influenced by Protestant Christianity and women are historical. Need for a socially liberal society, technological acceptance and bringing up children together with the male dominating the society are some of the reasons why social change emerged in the society. Freedom and human rights neglected in the Roman Catholic Church would only be fought for through protesting thus the emergence of protestant Christianity and protestant women as agents of social change.


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