The Americans are Changing their Attitudes on Same-sex Marriages

Today, a lot of things have changed in the United States and many parts of the world. Many issues that were intolerable some years ago have become the accepted norm in the society today. The current generation of the people is quick to adapt to the changing times and fast to embrace diversity than the previous generation of conservatives who remained firm in their beliefs. Issues of gay and lesbian marriages were not acceptable in the public domain, but gays and lesbians are accepted in military, corporates, federal jobs, public offices and even in churches. A study conducted by PEW research center indicates that times have changed and American today readily accepts gay marriages. The following paragraphs discuss in details this perceived change of attitude towards same-sex marriages by the American population.

The PEW study shows that support for same-sex marriages stands at 62 percent against 32 percent who are against the marriages in 2017. The 2001 figures stood at 35 percent who support the same-sex marriages while those oppose them were 57 percent (PEW, 2017). A loot art the figures shows that a great drift of the attitudes has occurred in the united states over the views people held over gay marriages. The figures show that today, the majority of people in united states approve the same-sex marriages something that not acceptable sometimes back. The research has indicated that the highest percentages of those that approve the same-sex marriages are the young generation. However, the same studies also show that even a good number of Baby Boomers and Silent Generations have changed their attitude and support the same-sex marriages by a wide margin.

The same trend has been reported by statistics from the Gallup Poll that indicates that 64% of the America n adults approve the same-sex marriages as upheld by the law. In 2004, only 42% of the Americans approved the same-sex marriages according to Gallup Polls. When it was previously perceived it was the Democrats who were more likely to support the same-sex marriages, today, more Republicans and Independents have also changed their minds and increased their support for the same-sex unions (McCarthy, 2017). In 2007, only 27% of the Republicans supported Same-sex marriages, but today 47% approve the same-sex marriages while the Democrats figures stand at 74 percent up from 62 percent in the year 2007. Similar cases have seen the PEW studies where the support among the liberals has hit 85% and 70% from the moderates. The number of conservatives has grown to 41% (McCarthy, 2017).

Surprising the approval of the same-sex marriages has also grown in the churches. While 85% of people who are not affiliated with any religion approve same-sex marriages, 66% and 68% of the Catholics and mainline Protestants respectively support the same-sex marriages. The figure of evangelical protestants stands at 35% from 21% in 2016 (PEW, 2017).  Data on the whites and non- whites approval of these marriages also increased figures.

The above figures show how the attitude of the people in the country has changed over the acceptance of the sexual tolerance in the United States. The legalization of the same-sex marriages in the fifty states by the Supreme Court is believed to be a major cause of the attitude change. Also, the vigorous campaigns by the gay and lesbians’ rights groups have managed to wipe away the social stigma that was related to such same-sex marriages. Today, gay and lesbian individuals can open talk about themselves without fear, something that was not possible a few years ago.

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