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Screened German History Assignments.

Please read the following requirements carefully,There are three assignments.

Before you begin, Please watch Margarethe von Trotta and Volker Schlöndorff. Lost Honor of Katharina Blum (1975) .

1. Please view this clip…from the opening sequence of The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum (1975).

What is the relationship between the film’s camera position and the camera within the scene? Where does the relationship between these two cameras place the film’s audience and shape the viewer’s understanding of the film? (250 words)

2. In her essay, Gerhardt points to this scene… and suggests at least two possible interpretations of the camera perspective: “The wide-angle shot allows the viewer to see the numerous police officers, who move between the camera and Katharina, searching her apartment for evidence. The shot could draw on the viewers’ empathy, as Katharina is forced to undress in front of the officers, all of whom, except for the woman who accompanied her, are male. Or it could put the viewer in a voyeuristic position, watching her undress” (page 21).

How do you interpret this scene? What does it say about the film’s representation of acts of surveillance, of gazing at others and placing them under scrutiny? (250 words)

3. As Gerhardt observes in her essay, the film closes with the journalist’s funeral and “an address in which the speaker states the shots fired hit not only Tötges [the journalist] but also the freedom of the press and democracy in general. The talk serves as a rallying call to uphold journalistic rights, without engaging or putting into question the dubious methods used to gather information or his ethical violations” (pages 15-6). Based on your viewing of the film, how does this ending affirm or subvert the film’s depiction of the relationship between the media, state security forces, and democratic governance? (500 words)

And there are some Lectures:………

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