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SCM GLOBE Cincinnati Seasonings Simulation model Management account_circle DoctorVenus schedule 4 Days account_balance_wallet

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This is to SCMGLOBE , watch tutorials You must watch the tutorial videos to understand the simulation model.

Watch the videos (Links to an external site.)

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This assignment will have students work on a simulation project . It is a supply chain model , where the student has to get the supply chain running for 30 days.

One student will have the model and work with the student advisors to get the existing supply chain to run without breaking for 30 days . You will go online and view the tutorials and start the simulation in week 5.

This case study provides hands-on experience with the central challenge of supply chain management. That challenge is to find the right balance between responsiveness and efficiency. Responsive supply chains have enough inventory on-hand to always meet customer demand, and efficient supply chains always seek to reduce costs and on-hand inventory so as to earn as much profit as possible. Supply chain management is a continuous balancing between these two needs as situations change.

SCM Globe case studies are laboratories where students apply what they learn from readings and lectures to solve real supply chain problems. As one professor put it, “the textbook provides the principles, and the simulations teach the moves.”

Log onto your SCM Globe account and follow along with this guide. It will walk step- by-step through one possible approach to this case. There are many possible ways to respond to the challenges in the case. Week 5– Supply Chains and Simulations
Objective – introduce simulations as a way to explore supply chain operations.

“Our products are selling well and business is growing,” says the owner of Cincinnati Seasonings. “And we know we need to get a handle on our supply chain if we are going to support this growth. So we have high expectations for the improvements you can make in our supply chain operations.”

The owner continues, “Up until now we’ve just done whatever we had to do to keep things running. We know we made some less than perfect decisions along the way. But that’s why you’re here – to get our supply chain into shape to move the company to the next level.”

You view the tutorial videos to understand the simulation model and here is a guide.

The next step is to extend your supply chain to support sales to the new stores in Chicago and Columbus . These new stores will use up some of the excess inventory the supply chain is producing .

Student handout for SCM simulationmodel for CINCY Seasoning com fall 2019 2020.pdf


helpful hints on second part of simulation adding Chicago and Colubus assignment and adding two citiues 2020.pdf


This is your deliverable and send a screenshot and file to show and demonstrate how you completed the 30 day run !

Example of end product assignment to be graded after adding the Chicago store and Columbus OHIO store and run for 30 days

Example of supply chain after adding Colubus Ohio and Chicago ILL.pdf


Jakob 30 day simulation.png

Keith E 30 day simulation5 PM.png

FARRES submittal 30 day simulation SCM.png

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