Safety report

This is a safety report!
In this report, you will conduct a regulatory inspection based on General Industry and generate a technical report
This link is for the general industry regulation that must be used for…
– Find 20 pictures that contains violation related to the following topics (4 pictures for each topics)

  • The topics are (confined space, walking working surfaces, lack out tag out, Fire protection, Welding and cutting)
  • For each picture state the following
    1- Hazard found to be in compliance (if not enough alleged violations) with OSHA citations
    2- Potential mitigations
    3- controls
    4- abatement methods

For each violation in each picture you must state the right code reference ( 29 CFR 1910) from the link above

Treat this technical report as if you are preparing it for your boss or for court.
Write 25 pages
12- point font

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