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Saddle Reef Structure


  • ➢ You are a geologist, working for a mining company that is mining a gold deposit in a saddle reef;
  • ➢ The mine’s position is X 2601100 Y 5701030,
  • ➢ but the reserves will be exhausted in the near future.
  • ➢ Your predecessor in the position of a mining geologist left only an incomplete geological map.
  • ➢ From this map it is obvious that the mineralization is restricted to a saddle reef in the hinge zone of a chevron fold anticline.
  • ➢ The limbs of the anticline continue at least for half of their exposure distance towards the depth without changing into a syncline.
  • ➢ The anticline is cut in the N by a shear zone.
  • ➢ The offset is indicated by some sheared marker horizons and shown on the map.
  • ➢ In the south the predecessor has mapped a normal fault, dipping to the NW, with a vertical offset of 100 m.
  • ➢ The area is covered by a thin blanket of lateritic soil.
  • ➢ Where are the most promising points to start with a drill program?

you need to print the map! + I have video tutorials to solve this.

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