Rhetorical Analysis Outline

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Complete an outline for your Rhetorical Analysis.
Outline must include:
Intro: Brief background info.
Thesis statement (a statement that details the rhetorical devices you will use in your analysis) See sample essay as an example.
Body: Briefly state: At least 2 Persuasive Appeals and ModeEvidence of these appeals (Quote or paraphrase from speech); Analysis (briefly state the effectiveness).
Briefly state: At least 2 Rhetorical TechniquesEvidence in speechAnalysis

  • Hook: Come up with an attention-grabbing hook. It could be something about the rhetor, the message, or the situation.
  • Background: Discuss the context – purpose of speech; the rhetor’s audience; setting;
  • Thesis statement: This statement should indicate the rhetorical devices and techniques you will analyze to determine the rhetorical effectiveness of the speech. This should be the last sentence in your introduction.

The body of your essay must contain the following:

  • Address at least 2 persuasive appeals with rhetorical modes (choose the most effective). Ex: Pathos is expressed through emotional diction
  • Address at least 2 rhetorical techniques

Logos is expressed through argument.
Ex: Alliteration and Imagery
For each rhetorical strategy, you will 1) state the rhetorical strategy, 2) provide an example of the strategy from the speech, and 3) explain its effectiveness of the rhetorical strategy on the audience.
You may have as many body paragraphs as you need to accomplish the analysis.
Ex: King also appeals to logos through his use of analogies: “America has given the Negro people a bad check, a check which has come back marked “insufficient funds.’” This analogy uses logic as a form of reasoning because he appeals to the basic concept of money and the frustration of receiving a “bad check.”
In your Conclusion, briefly summarize your insights into the speech. How effective is the argument the rhetor is making? Explain and evaluate the effectiveness of the rhetor’s techniques.

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