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Research Topic & bag it summary Assignment

“Bag It” Movie Summary and Research Topic Proposal:

This homework assignment is designed to introduce you to your research into a problem in sustainability. It requires you to do the following:

  1. Write a summary of the movie “Bag It”. Discuss what you think are the most critical issue(s) presented in the movie. What will be the ultimate outcomes of this/these issue(s) if nothing is done to change our current behavior? What has changed since this movie was released in 2010?
  2. Choose one issue to investigate further, either one of the issues from the movie or another about which you are concerned. Write a synopsis of this problem, including its implications for the future, and how it will affect society if something is not done about it. (You are choosing your topic of research here). BE SURE TO STATE YOUR TOPIC OF RESEARCH VERY CLEARLY IN THIS ITEM 2.

This assignment is just a brief overall introduction to your Research Assignment and does not have to be more than one page of well-written discussion. You don’t have to support any claims with facts or statistics here—just state your concerns. Remember, the main goal of this assignment is to tell me what your topic of research is, so be sure to say it very clearly. Use this upload link on Canvas to submit this part of the assignment by the due date shown. PLEASE UPLOAD PDF FILES ONLY (NO ZIPPED FOLDERS). This assignment will be worth 20% of the research project.

Movie links in 4 parts…………

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