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Research Report: Applications of Thermodynamics

Research Report: Applications of Thermodynamics

1. Search out (googling or references) for fields of applications of thermodynamics

2. Choose one field of applications; all kinds of engines, power plant, air conditining, renewable energy, buring trashes, green house effect, Ozone layer, applications of combustion, environmental fields in association with thermodynamics, etc.

3. Research types of engineering jobs in the field of the thermodynamics application and gather informations of the job

a) Research the companies for engineering jobs and select two.

b) List the names of companies that you researched and describe the technologies of the companies.

c) Descriptions of engneering Job openning and Job duty of the position

d) Gather knowledge of the technology and skills necessary for the job

e) List Interview questions and best answers for the questions

4. Your reflection on the benefit of this project in finding your intership or jobs

Lengths; 4-5 page long of wordings and figures

Font size 11, double space

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