Research Paper On Fundamentals Principles Of Radiobiology

the research paper is about: Fundamentals Principles of Radiobiology

chapter 33 book will be attached. 

The research paper have to follow the APA format and the minimum pages that you can write for your presentation is the following:  

1) Cover Page

2) Abstract. Minimum words (150-250) add reference

3) Introduction and Body of the paper must have a subtitle and usually, ti is short name of the little for example . You are writing about the Atom then, you can write the Atom as a subtitle for the body of the paper. You must to add the references from the sources that you  use to write this research.

4) Conclusion, add the references 

5) References . You have to write a minimum of three references on this page. 

minimum pages 8 in total including cover, abstract and references 

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