research and recommend a CRM

Vandeven Car Wash has hired you to implement a CRM system for their business. The CRM can operate on any common operating system. It will track customer information and transactions ( services provided, fee, date of service & supplies used). 

Vandeven Car Wash has a main location in Marietta; there is 1 other location 

located in Norcross. The locations should be able to share data. The solution must be 

hosted at the location not in the cloud.

Currently, the hardware in use at each location is HP Proliant ML350 Gen10 Server


Your team will research and recommend a CRM and select the operating system that will support the business requirements.

In 7-10 pages, recommend which CRM and operating system that you recommend and why it would be best. Be sure to cite any references used. Do not cut and paste without citation. Do not submit more than 15% quoted citations.

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