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Rename your project folder lastname-firstname-AS4

Rename your project folder lastname-firstname-AS4

Need to code on sublime text

Assignment Info:

Rename your project folder “lastname-firstname-AS4,” then zip it up before submitting it. Send the whole folder not just the files you worked on. Your instructor will tell you how to submit your assignment.

Intro to coding:: Assignment 4:

Complete each of the problems listed below. Build them in the template provided:

The finished assignment should look and function (mostly) like this:

Assignment 4 template:


This template contains most of the HTML (with some styling) for the five problems. You MUST use the HTML provided, and then add your own to complete the assignment.

[PROBLEM 1] :: JQuery: Get the value of the input field to replace or add text [ uses html or append ].

[PROBLEM 2] :: JQuery Get/Set elements: Move “letters” from one div into a new div [use get/set .append() also .clone()]. Add a send div / button that shows the sent text and a delete div / button that clears out the “message.”

[PROBLEM 3] :: JQuery Get/Set attributes: Get user input from a form field: user enters numbers and colors in the input fields and then the script dynamically updates the font size and font color, and moves the icon to the right, based on the user’s choices when the button is clicked. The icon moves back to its original position when the “Change Me Back” button is clicked.

[PROBLEM 4] :: Interactive photo gallery [ uses get/set .attr() ]. Also add an action that changes the caption number ( the top left “# / 5” number ) on click.

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