Quality Outcomes and Financial Management in Healthcare Organizations CP02

this is a continuation of nursing shortage during the pandemic Course Project Part 4—Proposal for Improvement
Ideally, healthcare organizations would have standardized approaches to many of the processes involved in their operations. Standardized approaches are known to reduce the probability of errors and improve patient safety. One of the more useful standardized approaches, lean process management, has been applied successfully in many healthcare organizations. Other approaches, such as the Six Sigma improvement model, have also been applied successfully.

In Week 1, you identified and described a quality, safety, or performance improvement issue, and in Week 2, you examined the research available on the selected improvement issue. In Week 3, you examined an issue using a process tool. This week, you will create a proposal for improvement for the issue that you have been examining throughout this course.

Week 4 Tasks
Using the assigned textbook reading, Advanced Performance Improvement in Health Care: Principles and Methods, the South University Online Library, and the Internet, write a 3–4-page proposal for improvement for your selected issue.

Cover the following:

Select one of the approaches to improvement, such as lean management, lean improvement, lean toolbox, clinical practice guidelines, or six sigma improvement models.
Describe how the selected approach to improvement positively impacts the selected issue.
Identify and describe a method of evaluating the effectiveness of the improvement approach you propose.
Be sure to support your statements with scholarly references and appropriate examples. Cite all sources using the APA format.

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