Quality Or Safety Initiative That Addresses A Shortfall In Quality And/Or Safety (UTI).

Recommend a quality or safety initiative that addresses a shortfall in quality and/or safety (UTI) in your current precepted experience environment (or simulation). Include the principles of quality improvement, health care policy, ethical and legal considerations, cost-effectiveness and means to monitor the initiative over time. 

The paper needs to be between 5-8 pages in length in APA format in text citation  with a SWOT analysis and implementation timelines and plan as appendices. Please provide turnitin report. 

Grading Rubric:  

1-Identify the quality or safety concern within the clinical practice and implication of the concern.

2- Recommend an evidence-based quality or safety initiative.

3- Discussion of implementation of the safety initiative: include principles of quality improvement, healthcare policy, and cost-effectiveness.

4- Discussion the SWOT analysis and timeline.

5- How the weaknesses and threats to the initiative will be mitigated  

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