Please make sure you first read the Module 1: Discussion 1: Guide and Directions, this guide explains how to review and leverage the readings and videos to support your posting.  

1. For the Reading Toro (2019) Chapter 2 History:

  • What 3 specific points in the chapter created an emotional reaction in you? Explain those points, describe your reaction, and tell us why you had that reaction.

2. For the videos; Ph.D. in Community Psychology Student at NLU, and Defining Community Psychology with Examples of Applied Research, and the SCRA website. 

  • What did you learn from these resources that you didn’t know from reading the text about. Be sure to provide one point from each of the sources; be specific.
  • What community psychology is?
  • What community psychologists do?

3. For the video, The Caravan: A collective expression in favor of children’s right to play:

  • Describe the social issue and the community intervention to address it (How does the community address this social issue?
  • Which of the 7 core values of community psychology does/do the intervention address?
  • Explain.

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