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In “Only Daughter” by Sandra Cisneros, Cisneros describes what it was like to grow up as the only girl in a family of seven children, born to a Mexican-American mother and a Mexican father. In “Only Daughter,” she discusses the difficulties of growing up the only daughter in an American-Mexican family, and how her traditional father was more concerned with her finding a husband than becoming a writer.


In a three-paragraph essay, describe this conflict. How do Cisneros’ expectations compare to her father’s expectations? How does her experience of family expectations compare with your own? Use examples from the text and from your own knowledge, observations, and experience to support your ideas. Please refer to the outline below to help you develop your essay.

Please use the outline below to help you write your essay:

Paragraph 1 Introduction

  • In 4-6 sentences, discuss the conflict between her father’s expectations and Cisneros’ own interests and goals.
  • Provide at least 2 examples from the text that show this conflict.

Paragraph 2: Body Paragraph

  • In 1-2 sentences, answer the question: Are Cisneros’ family expectations similar or different than your family’s expectations?
  • If they are similar, discuss these similarities in 3-4 sentences and provide examples to support these similarities.
  • If they are different, discuss these differences in 3-4 sentences provide examples that show these differences.

Paragraph 3: Conclusion

  • Wrap it up! Provide 4-6 sentences that sums up the main points of your essay. You do not need to introduce new information.

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