What could be an advantage of using a software vendor for mobile HR apps, instead of having your organization’s employees create the apps?

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LearnSmart is the most widely used and intelligent adaptive learning resource. It is proven to strengthen memory recall, improve course retention, and boost grades by distinguishing between what students know and what they don’t know and honing in on the concepts that they are most likely to forget. LearnSmart con- tinuously adapts to each student’s needs by building an individual learning path. As a result, students study smarter and retain more knowledge.

Results-Driven Support

Grade Distribution

Without LearnSmart

A 30.5%

B 33.5%

C 22.6%

A 19.3%

B 38.6%

C 28.0%

With LearnSmart

58% more As with LearnSmart

With LearnSmart

Without LearnSmart

Student Pass Rate

25% more students passed with LearnSmart

xxii Results-Driven Support


Fueled by LearnSmart, SmartBook is the first and only adaptive reading experience available today. SmartBook personalizes content for each student in a continuously adapting reading experience. Reading is no longer a passive and linear experience, but an engaging and dynamic one where students are more likely to master and retain important concepts, coming to class better prepared.

LearnSmart Achieve EXCEL IN YOUR CLASS

Accelerate student success with Learn- Smart Achieve™—the first and only adap- tive study experience that pinpoints

individual student knowledge gaps and provides targeted, interactive help at the moment of need.

Interactive Applications A HIGHER LEVEL OF LEARNING

These exercises require students to APPLY what they have learned in a real-world scenario. These online exercises will help students assess their understanding of the concepts.

Media Rich eBook Connect provides students with a cost-saving alternative to the traditional textbook. A seamless integration of a media rich eBook features the following:

• A web-optimized eBook, allowing for anytime, anywhere online access to the textbook.

• Powerful search function to pinpoint and connect key concepts in a snap. • Highlighting and note-taking capabilities as well as access to shared instructors’



Connect and LearnSmart allow students to present course material to students in more ways than just the explanations they hear from me directly. Because of this, students are processing the material in new ways, requiring them to think. I now have more students asking questions in class because the more we think, the more we question.

Instructor at Hinds Community College


® McGraw-Hill strengthens the link between faculty, students, and coursework, helping everyone accomplish more in less time.

Efficient Administrative Capabilities Connect offers you, the instructor, auto-gradable material in an effort to facilitate teaching and learning.

The Best Instructor Support on the Market

60 minutes without Connect

Reviewing Homework

60 minutes without Connect

15 minutes with Connect

60 minutes without Connect

0 minutes with Connect

12 minutes with Connect

Giving Tests or Quizzes Grading

Student Progress Tracking Connect keeps instructors informed about how each student, section, and class is per- forming, allowing for more productive use of lecture and office hours. The progress tracking function enables instructors to:

• View scored work immediately and track individual or group performance with assignment and grade reports.

• Access an instant view of student or class performance relative to learning objectives. • Collect data and generate reports required by

many accreditation organizations, such as AACSB.

Actionable Data Connect Insight is a powerful data analytics tool that allows instructors to leverage aggregated information about their courses and students to provide a more per- sonalized teaching and learning experience.

xxiv The Best Instructor Support on the Market

Connect Instructor Library Connect’s instructor library serves as a one-stop, secure site for essential course materi- als, allowing you to save prep time before class. The instructor resources found in the library include: • Instructor’s Manual: The custom-designed Instructor’s Manual includes chapter

summaries, learning objectives, an extended chapter outline, key terms, description of text boxes, discussion questions, summary of end-of-chapter cases, and additional activities.

• Test Bank: The Test Bank has been revised and updated to reflect the content of the Sixth Edition of the book. Each chapter includes multiple-choice, true/false, and essay questions.

• EZ Test: McGraw-Hill’s EZ Test is a flexible and easy-to-use electronic testing program. The program allows instructors to create tests from book-specific items. It accommodates a wide range of question types and instructors may add their own questions. Multiple versions of the test can be created and any test can be exported for use with course management systems such as BlackBoard, D2L, or Moodle. The program is available for Windows and Macintosh environments.

• PowerPoint: The slides include lecture material, additional content to expand concepts in the text, and discussion questions, and the PowerPoint slides also include detailed teaching notes.

• Videos: Human Resource Management Video DVD, volume 3, offers video clips on HRM issues for each chapter of this edition. You’ll find a new video produced by the SHRM Foundation entitled “Once the Deal Is Done: Making Mergers Work.” Three new videos specifically address employee benefits: “GM Cuts Ben- efits and Pay,” “Sulphur Springs Teachers,” and “Google Employees’ Perks.” Other new videos available for this edition include “E-Learning English” for the chapter on employee development and “Recession Job Growth” for the chapter on HR planning recruitment. Two new videos specifically address recession-related HR issues: “Some Workers Willing to Sacrifice to Avoid Layoffs” and “Stretched Small Business Owners Forced to Lay Off Employees.” Other notable videos available for this edition include “Johnson & Johnson eUniversity” for the chapter on training and “Hollywood Labor Unions” for the chapter on collective bargaining and labor relations.

Video Library DVDs McGraw-Hill offers the most comprehensive video support for the Human Resource Management classroom through course library video DVDs. This discipline has library volume DVDs tailored to integrate and visually reinforce chapter concepts. The library volume DVD contains more than 40 clips! The rich video material, organ- ized

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