Thinking about your current job or a job you would like to have, would access to social media help or distract you? Do you think your age plays a role in your opinion? Why?

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Tegrity makes class time available 24/7 by auto- matically capturing every lecture in a searchable format for students to review when they study and

complete assignments. With a simple one-click start-and-stop process, you capture all computer screens and corresponding audio. Students can replay any part of any class with easy-to-use browser-based viewing on a PC or Mac. Educators know that the more students can see, hear, and experience class resources, the better they learn. In fact, studies prove it. With patented Tegrity “search anything” technology, students instantly recall key class moments for replay online or on iPods and mobile devices. Instructors can help turn all their students’ study time into learning moments imme- diately supported by their lecture. To learn more about Tegrity, watch a two-minute Flash demo at

Blackboard® Partnership McGraw-Hill Education and Blackboard have teamed up to simplify your life. Now you and your students can access Connect and Create right from within your Black- board course—all with one single sign-on. The grade books are seamless, so when a student completes an inte- grated Connect assignment, the grade for that assignment automatically (and instantly) feeds your Blackboard grade center. Learn more at

McGraw-Hill Campus™ McGraw-Hill Campus is a new one-stop teach- ing and learning experience available to users of any learning management system. This institutional service allows faculty and students

xxvi The Best Instructor Support on the Market

to enjoy single sign-on (SSO) access to all McGraw-Hill Higher Education materials, including the award-winning McGraw-Hill Connect platform, from directly within the institution’s website. With McGraw-Hill Campus, faculty receive instant access to teaching materials (e.g., eBooks, test banks, PowerPoint slides, animations, learning objects, etc.), allowing them to browse, search, and use any instructor ancillary content in our vast library at no additional cost to instructor or students.

Course Design and Delivery In addition, students enjoy SSO access to a variety of free content (e.g., quizzes, flash cards, narrated presentations, etc.) and subscription-based products (e.g., McGraw- Hill Connect). With McGraw-Hill Campus enabled, faculty and students will never need to create another account to access McGraw-Hill products and services. Learn more at

Assurance of Learning Ready Many educational institutions today focus on the notion of assurance of learning, an important element of some accreditation standards. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management is designed specifically to support instructors’ assurance of learning ini- tiatives with a simple yet powerful solution. Each test bank question maps to a specific chapter learning objective listed in the text. Instructors can use our test bank software, EZ Test and EZ Test Online, to easily query for learning objectives that directly relate to the learning outcomes for their course. Instructors can then use the reporting fea- tures of EZ Test to aggregate student results in similar fashion, making the collection and presentation of assurance of learning data simple and easy.

AACSB Tagging McGraw-Hill Education is a proud corporate mem- ber of AACSB International. Understanding the importance and value of AACSB accreditation, Fun- damentals of Human Resource Management recognizes

the curricula guidelines detailed in the AACSB standards for business accreditation by connecting selected questions in the text and the test bank to the six general knowl- edge and skill guidelines in the AACSB standards. The statements contained in Fun- damentals of Human Resource Management are provided only as a guide for the users of this textbook. The AACSB leaves content coverage and assessment within the purview of individual schools, the mission of the school, and the faculty. While the Fundamen- tals of Human Resource Management teaching package makes no claim of any specific AACSB qualification or evaluation, we have labeled selected questions according to the six general knowledge and skills areas.

McGraw-Hill Customer Experience Group Contact Information At McGraw-Hill Education, we understand that getting the most from new technology can be challenging. That’s why our services don’t stop after you purchase our products. You can e-mail our Product Specialists 24 hours a day to get product training online. Or you can search our knowledge bank of Frequently Asked Questions on our support website. For Customer Support, call 800-331-5094 or visit One of our Technical Support Analysts will be able to assist you in a timely fashion.

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