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The management of natural areas in the Former Yugoslav Republics is still in a transitional stage. In FYR Macedonia, a forestry corps is responsible for the management of designated protected areas (covering about 7.3% of the land area), but its tasks mainly involve inspections. This country plans to extend the protected area surface area to 12% of its national territory, establishing 250 Protected Areas. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, even though international assistance has helped to develop the framework of an environmental law, legislation remains incomplete and the management of protected areas is far from being satisfactory. In Montenegro, a comprehensive set of acts devoted to the management of Protected Areas has not been completed. However, the existing national legislation (the National Parks Law) covers several issues of management of the four officially designated National Parks, including Shkodra Lake. Serbia’s protected areas are classified according to the criteria recommended by the World Conservation Union (WCU), and their management is coordinated by the Ministry of Environment according to national laws. In Albania, the actual management of protected areas and national parks is the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food

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