regulation of hormonal balance

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15. A belief of Ayurvedic medicine is the concept of doshas. What is a characteristic of this concept?

a. Combine space and air to control nutritional preferences

b. Blend fire and water to balance mental capacities

c. Are constantly formed and reformed by food, activity, and bodily processes

d. Use water and earth to regulate hormonal balance

16. While assessing the health history of a patient who is an Asian/Pacific Islander, what will the nurse identify as a leading cause of death for people from this culture?

a. Malignant neoplasms

b. Influenza and pneumonia

c. Alzheimer’s disease

d. Chronic lower respiratory diseases

17. Why does poor health continue to occur among immigrant Asian populations?

a. Poor working environments and crowded living conditions

b. Refusal of Western medicine to treat Asian immigrants

c. Inability to tolerate Western medications

d. Low number of health care workers of Asian origin

18. How would a patient from the Black culture treat poison ivy?

a. Sprinkling crushed bluestone powder on the affected area

b. Placing a mixture of garlic, onions, and parsley on the site

c. Placing clay in a dark leaf over the affected area

d. Rubbing Vicks Vaporub on the area

19. In the Black culture, what would be used to treat colds?

a. Sassafras tea

b. Hot lemon water with honey

c. Hot toddy made of tea, honey, lemon, peppermint, and alcohol

d. All of the above.

20. Why are folk remedies still used today in the Black community?

a. Tradition of quality care and treatment by healers

b. Acknowledgement of the African heritage

c. Rituals associated with folk remedies

d. Close proximity of hospitals in the community

21. What would be a benefit of following the African food tradition of geophagy?

a. Dirt is high in calcium

b. Pica is an accepted cultural practice

c. Red clay is rich in iron

d. Starch is sweet and dry

22. For which reasons might a patient of the Black culture and of the Muslin religion refuse insulin to treat diabetes mellitus?

a. Because any injectable medication is forbidden

b. If it has a pork base

c. Because it implies the person has not led a holy life

d. During Ramadan

23. Which is a health statistic of significance to Black or African Americans when compared to all races?

a. A lower incidence of breast cancer

b. Lower percentages of low birth weight infants

c. A lower crude birth rate

d. Lower male death rates from homicide

24. Who does the nurse recognize as being the leading authority figure within the Black familial structure?

a. Female

b. Minister

c. Male

d. Oldest adult child

25. Why would some patients of the Black culture resent using health clinics for care?

a. Prescription medications are given out only to those seen first.

b. Cheaper accessible health care is regarded as demeaning.

c. A day’s work may be lost in waiting to be seen by a physician.

d. There are not enough clinics to focus on Black health problems.

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