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Project Desciption


Learning Outcomes

1. Construct method statements, create time plans and cost budgets for construction projects and compare different systems of project planning and control.

2. Appreciate the influence of governmental legislation and economic policies on the construction industry, including the role of government as a client of the industry

Assignment Objective

This study aims to develop the students’ knowledge and understanding of the essential management systems that lead to the successful conduct of construction operations from the perspectives of time, cost, quality and scope. They include an appreciation of the construction industry in the context of the overall economy, the role of government in regulating and controlling the industry, and the strategic alternatives of construction companies to operate competitively within a changeable economic climate.

Assignment Tasks

Al Manal contracting LLC has decided to construct a single story villa with ground internal floor area 750 square meters with a duration of 200 days(Holidays are not included) with an budgeted amount of 375,000 (OMR).The project should start from August 15th 2020 .The villa will be constructed with 2 majlis, 1 Living hall, 3 bedroom with attached toilets, 1 kitchen with dining and 1 maid room with toilet.

Based on the above requirements of the client you have to design and schedule the project duration for each task considering all risk in the project from inception to completion that lead to the successful conduct of construction operations from the perspectives of time, cost, quality and scope.

Prepare a report based on the following requirements with a word count of 1500 words excluding cover page, table of content and references.

Report Structure:

Introduction: This section should clearly state the background of the report content and it should summarize the overview of the topic. (200 words)

Report of the body should contain the following – (1100 words)

1. Develop Safe work method statement each one from substructure, superstructure and finishing work, also identify the hazards for the above-mentioned aspects and suggest the possible ways for minimizing the hazards.

2. Explain about the time plan and cost budgeting in construction projects and

 Prepare a clear time plan using any software application and prepare the cost budget based on the time plan. Consider the preliminaries as 5%, contingencies as 7% and profit as 10 %.

 Compare time based and cost based project planning system and justify the best method.

3. Elaborate the role of government client based on micro and macro-economic policies related with construction industries.

Conclusion (200 words)

Conclusion should be the reflection of each task regarding the assignment and stating how this topic has developed your knowledge. It should discuss the overall experience in writing skills during the assignment preparation.

*** Words count = 1500 words.

*** In-Text Citations and references using Harvard style.

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