Political Socialization

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The Divine Realm is ruled by His Holiness Solomon the High Priest. Solomon, however, never claims that any sovereign power belongs to him alone. Instead, he firmly maintains that the Divine Realm is a theocracy, a type of government ruled by a deity. Solomon, as the country’s highest religious leader, claims to receive divine inspiration and interprets the laws found in the nation’s holy texts. As high priest, he serves as the head of both the national religion and the state, but he always makes sure that the people know he is merely a representative of the deity. He is pleased that most of the nation’s citizens are loyal and live in unity, and he is able to enforce laws strongly when they stray.

Sometimes, however, Solomon is puzzled by complaints he receives from other nations and once in a while from his own subjects. They claim that his people lack freedom of speech and other civil liberties. They say that other religions are often persecuted when they try to worship in the Divine Realm. They maintain that the country’s rules are too rigid and can’t be adapted to modern conditions. Solomon is certain, however, that his form of government is the best.

Nobleston is an oligarchy, which is ruled by a group of wealthy, powerful aristocrats called the Top Twenty. These men, who mostly inherited their positions from their fathers or earned them through military success, make decisions for their country without much outside consultation. Their choices are absolute, their word is law, and they rule for life

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