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Project Desciption

1) You are asked to come up with new technology to develop transgenic crop varieties with resistance to herbicides.

Discuss the following aspects that you would like to consider before developing such technology.

a. Which type of resistance i.e., target site or non-target site-based that you choose to achieve your task and why?

b. Which method do you use to develop such technology?

c. Advantages and disadvantages of the technology.

d. Discuss the durability of such technology.

2) P450 monooxygenases (P450) have long been considered a potentially important enzyme system for the detoxification of herbicides.

a. Discuss (with examples) how herbicide metabolism is mediated by cytochrome P450 enzyme family in crop plants and weeds.

b. Do you think resistance to herbicides mediated by P450 metabolism can be reversed? If so, how?

c. Discuss the consequence of the evolution of metabolic resistance in weed species.

3) The evolution of herbicide resistance in weeds is a consequence of herbicide selection and is a major constraint for sustainable crop production.

a. Discuss which type of herbicide resistance in weeds is more challenging for its management than others and why?

b. Do you think the presence of negative cross-resistance in weeds can help in their management? Does it have any limitations?

8) Why does understanding the mechanisms of weed resistance to herbicides is important for their management?

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