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The Columbia Chamber of Commerce has decided that the time has come for Columbia, South Carolina, to have an amusement park to generate tourist dollars for the city. WildRide Specialist, an engineering company awarded the contract invites STEM students to submit roller coaster designs they think would provide most exciting and safe wildride. Your design must have at least four hills, one exit path, and two loops, and capable of holding single cars (800 kg each) with up to four large adults (90 kg each).

You decide on the size and shape of the hills, loops, and exit path. You also decide on the size and shape of the car and its wheels. Your design must show the free-body diagram of the car and passengers at the top, midway, and bottom of the hills and loops, the forces doing work on the car and passengers to keep it in motion and on the track, the energies of the car in those locations (as shown in fig. 1 below), and the speed of the car in those locations. You should show how the size of the wheels of the cars affects the speed of the car, based on the theory of rolling motion. You must first show the equation that is involved and then the calculation necessary. Also, the locations along the track where riders experience g-

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