Parenting homeless adolescents and their children in Georgia

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Project Desciption

I need a paper on homeless and not homeless adolescents that are pregnant or already with kids. The ones that are not homeless are living with family. I need to know what actions can be taken to assist them with being successful in the next five years. This is a housing research paper and the paper needs to reflect how an organization can assist the teen mom with such. The state being discussed is Atlanta Georgia and its surrounding areas only. Ex. what housing programs can be created to assist the teen mom? How can they become a success story? What resources can be utilized to help them with their housing needs?

The organizations name is BWT. BWT serves teen moms and their families. I am currently working on the housing piece for the organization.

This is a condensed paper but with detailed information. Do not go to sites and plagiarize their information! I know all of the sites out there and what they have to offer. You can see below for assistance.

I also need a one page questionnaire for incoming participants in the program. See below for EXAMPLE ONLY! I want 10 but the 5 below can be used in the 10 questions. The entire page of the questionnaire needs to be as follows and highlighted in light blue meaning words black and background light blue:

Thank you for your interest in BWT’s housing program. Our program assist you with locating a safe and stable place for you your family. We welcome teen moms, children and parents with open arms and we tailor our services to your family’s specific needs. BWT assist with life skills training, utilizing CLS to address independent living skills and issues related to finding and maintaining appropriate housing, coordinating affordable housing searches, supportive services to assist youth in their transition to living on their own, and provision of in-home instruction that prepares youth to live in a clean, safe environment. BWT’s programs offer you and your child/children the tools, support, and education needed to gain future success. We ask that you please fill out the following questions so that we know how best we can assist your and your family.

Who is filling out this form _____________

Are you currently homeless? *

Do you have a child under 12 months? *

Have you obtained a proof of homelessness letter? *

Have you had a Tuberculosis (TB) test completed within the last 30 days? *

Were you referred to us by another organization/individual? *

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