need 100 word response on 6 prompts each

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need 100 word response on 6 prompts each
ashford university

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please ensure to answer in the attached file itself onlcuding the prompt………………………………

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Prompt 1: In terms of system performance, availability is one of the most important factors out of all of them. This is because the system can not always be accessed at all times of the day as meaning that availability is the best ability. Availability can be defined as “The amount or periods of time the system is to be operational and useable” (UMGC, 2020). Considering which time-blocks drive in the most traffic when the system is being accessed is essential information in which the data can be used to determine when an update and system maintenance should be done. This is why some systems might not be accessible during non-peak hours. However, this could cause problems as there could potentially be a small percentage of users trying to access the system to accomplish a task or assignment but will have to wait for the system to be online to do so. Availability is vital to the MTC hiring system because it allows all parties involved to access the system at all hours of the day. If an applicant is living in a different time-zone and needs to upload a document, they might not be able to do so until the system is back online again. Or perhaps the hiring manager would like to review the prospects application during off-hours but the system is not available to provide the information could be problematic. Thus, “When a system is regularly nonfunctioning, information availability is affected and significantly impacts users” (What is Availability?, 2020). Furthermore, time is a major factor when affecting availability since the system must be able to deliver information efficiently and effectively at all times throughout the year. Sources: UMGC. (2020). Requirements, University of Maryland, Global Campus. ontent/19975543/View What is Availability? – Definition from Techopedia. (n.d.). Retrieved September 26, 2020, from Prompt2: One of the system performance requirements I choose is usability. I think all the system performances are important in their own way, but I will be discussing about usability. According to our course content reading usability is the ability for new users to quickly adapt to the software, including how easy the system is to use and how help is provided for the users. A usability is more than one dimensional property of a system. The combinations include the following factors: Intuitive design: a nearly effortless understanding of the architecture and navigation of the site Ease of learning: how fast a user who has never seen the user interface before can accomplish basic tasks Efficiency of use: How fast an experienced user can accomplish tasks Memorability: after visiting the site, if a user can remember enough to use it effectively in future visits Error frequency and severity: how often users make errors while using the system, how serious the errors are, and how users recover from the errors Subjective satisfaction: If the user likes using the system Usability is important to the MTC Hiring System because everything is time sensitive. MTC needs to hire more than 75 talented employees within 2 months. If the system is not user friendly, then it will be time consuming on top of what they are having to go through. The hiring managers, recruiters, and administrative assistant does not have time to learn something complicated in a short period of time. They are already pressure with paperwork’s. The new system will be user friendly such as the design of the interface and its layout will have nice colors to it. Also, when the recruiting platform has innovative features and interface design to fit right into the formats users already know. For example, on this type of recruiting platform a candidate can apply for jobs using Facebook or by directly sending LinkedIn profiles or in the company’s website. They can also access jobs and apply from their mobile devices. And they can track application status with real-time updates. On the other end, MTC’s recruiters can find everyday tasks within simple reach on the application’s interface. Allowing candidate resumes and other uploaded files are presented effortlessly within the application, without having to launch external programs and access to all authorize personnel. The system will have an applicant tracking and reporting which becomes a painless task and provides status updates to everyone in a familiar, consumer-facing display. This usability in a new system will help hiring managers to work directly with recruiters through the application to electronically schedule candidate interviews, enjoying smooth integration with their existing calendar programs, such as Google Calendar or Outlook. These are the sort of features that MTC will need to adopt. If usability fail, then MTC will end up with double amount of work they already have. For instance, it will become lengthy, repetitive, and complicated processes for everyone involved in hiring process. Usability will play a vital role in MTC’s hiring system. Jobvite. (n.d.). Usability Matters: Why the User Experience in Recruiting Technology Can Make or Break Your Hiring Process. Jobvite. Retrieved from UMGC. (2020). Requirements. University of Maryland, Global Campus. Retrieved from 975543/View Usability. (n.d.). Usability Evaluation Basics. Usability. Retrieved from Prompt 3: Usability can be defined as the ability for new users to adapt to a new system. This includes the learning curve of the system, making it easy to learn and use, and what support is provided to the users throughout the learning process and afterwards. Usability is important because a user must be able to quickly learn and use a new system and be able to smoothly move through the motions without being disrupted by unknowns in the system. It is imperative for a new hiring system at MTC to have high usability. At first, all new employees must be able to quickly learn the new system so as not to fall behind in the hiring process. Usability is important because employees and recruiters at MTC must be able to navigate the system easily and it must have an easy to follow interface. This will allow MTC employees to quickly complete the hiring process steps. For new employees, they also must be able to go through training to understand how to use the system. Again, it is all about an easy learning curve. Also, potential employees will be using the system and will not be receiving training. They must be able to complete any steps without needing support, so it must have short, simple steps. Finally, there will be times where employees and candidates both need support. The system should provide FAQs or another means to answer any questions that may arise so that the system is able to be used easily. Prompt 4: I found Mr. Rosling video to be remarkably interesting, informative, and easy to understand. This video was noteworthy, and it was very educational by showing us how different life is now compared to 200 years ago. The world has advanced in terms of wealth and health since the year 1810, our life expectancy has also rapidly increased in the past 200 years. The Western countries were way healthier and richer than South American and Asian countries and Africa was stuck in civil war. After these tragedies, the colonies gained independence and started to get healthier and Latin America and Asian started to follow up the Western countries. There is a big difference between the best and the worst countries, but every country now is following the line and trying to be rich and healthy. Mr. Rosling video was both powerful and persuasive. It accurately explains the progress of mankind over the years leading up to present. Hans Rosling visualization was a unique way to educate his audience by giving an overview of the facts and keeping his audience attention, by ensuring his presentation was futuristic and enjoyable (Watson, 2017). In Han Rosling video he referred to several of Jay Walljasper six strategies for telling memorable, inspiring stories. Listed below are the four strategies I feel are relevant to Han’s video. Bring your story to life with vivid details (Walljasper, 2018). Energize your verbiage (Walljasper, 2018). Tap into people aspirations (Walljasper, 2018). Employ a sense of drama, humor, and suspense (Walljasper, 2018). Below you will find the link to the visualization video that I find powerful. Clint Smith, The Danger of Silence. The video is about finding the courage to speak up against ignorance and injustice. This is all about having the courage to use your voice as tool for liberation. Injustices and silence are speaking volumes in today’s events all around the world (TED, 2014). BBC. (2010, Nov 26). Hans Rosling’s 200 countries, 200 years, 4 minutes – The Joy of Stats – BBC Four [Video File]. Retrieved from TED. (2014, Aug 15). Clint Smith. The Danger of Silence [Video File]. Retrieved from Walljasper, J. (2018, June). Planning and the art of storytelling. Planning, 84(6), 28-31. Watson, H.J. (2017). Data visualization, data interpreters and storytelling. Business Intelligence Journal, 21(1), 5-10. Prompt 5: Data visualization is at the heart of the world today. Having data is not enough; however, according to Watson (2017) reading this week, data must be shown in a way that will help people get the gist of an idea quickly, enable them to remember facts better, and be memorable and enjoyable. According to the video presented by Hans Rosling, he drew a graph of life expectancy against income per country and presented it based on his statistics on global health data gotten from 200 Countries, 200 Years ago till present, and presented it in four minutes. The manna in which the data was presented on the graph made the visualization enjoyable and easy to understand because all the countries where presented in different bubbles, different colors, and the sizes of each bubble is equal to the size of the population. This brings the storytelling to life with vivid details( Jay Walljasper). More interestingly, the visualization was made in an open space and he presented it so confidently and explicitly using a verbal and nonverbal method of communication.

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