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Project Desciption

1] Select a subject—idea, topic, story, character or location—and

2] produce a sequence of ten still images.

For the selection of your subject, the attached slide provides some validation criteria.

Every image should illustrate at least one visual principle:

5 images. Each image illustrating a different type of frame according to camera position. For more information on Camera Position (Angle, Level, Height, and Distance of Framing) refer to Bordwell, David, Kristin Thompson, and Jeff Smith. Film Art: An Introduction. Chapter 5: The Shot: Cinematography, 187-194 (see OWL > Course Readings)

5 images. Each image illustrating a different ‘subcomponent’ of space. For more information on the subcomponents of space: Block, Bruce A. The Visual Story: Creating the Visual Structure of Film, TV and Digital Media. Chapter 3: Space, Part One – The Primary Subcomponents, 14-61 (see OWL > Course Readings)

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