KSU Modernization & Globalization at The Dawn of Early Modern Era Discussion

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Project Desciption

Question Description

  1. Identify an argument in response to the prompt
  2. Interpret primary source documents that speak to the prompt
  3. Appraise primary-source documents in terms of secondary source content
  4. Argue for your interpretation of the sources

Develop an argument that answers the prompt:

  • using 2-3 sentences (maximum) at the beginning of the first paragraph
  • with brief reference to key concepts, events, trends, and persons
  • with brief reference to how/why the sources will confirm your views
  • do not rephrase the prompt as a statement! This is not an argument!

Craft a discussion post that develops that argument:

  • in a logical sequence
  • with original interpretation of primary-source excerpts
  • with reference to lecture content as needed

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